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XL 30" Grill - One Series

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Elevate Your Grilling Experience with the XL 30" Grill-One Series

Unleash Culinary Brilliance

Welcome to the epitome of grilling excellence! The 30" Grill One Series Starter Kit is meticulously curated for BBQ chefs ready to impress. This bundle includes a Center Grill Grate and a Seasoning Puck – the perfect tools to elevate your outdoor cooking.

Versatile Grilling Experience

This bundle caters to your preferences, allowing you to use both wood and/or charcoal. Tailor your grilling experience to your taste, ensuring every meal is a personalized masterpiece. Perfect for large families or entertaining. After the grilling is done, the grill quickly and easily converts into a fire pit to keep the evening going.

Low Maintenance, All Enjoymentt

Say goodbye to maintenance hassles. The XL 30" Grill One Series is designed to withstand the elements, offering a hassle-free grilling experience year-round. Enjoy outdoor cooking without the headache of constant upkeep.

Crafted from US Corten Steel

Quality matters. Our grills are proudly made in the USA from US Corten Steel, ensuring durability without compromise. No cadmium-plated grates, no lead porcelain, and no breakable cast iron – just exceptional quality. Corten Steel is Eco-friendly because it is reusable and recyclable.

Why Choose the XL 30" Grill-One Series

  1. 🔥Showcase Your Skills: Impress your guests with culinary creations that go beyond the ordinary.
  2. 🔥Quality Beyond Compare: Crafted from US Corten Steel, this kit ensures longevity without compromising on performance.
  3. 🔥Versatile and Easy: From grilling novices to seasoned chefs, this starter kit caters to all, making outdoor cooking a breeze.

Unleash your skills, indulge in quality, and redefine your outdoor cooking experience!

XL 30" Grill - One SeriesXL 30" Grill - One SeriesXL 30" Grill - One SeriesXL 30" Grill - One SeriesXL 30" Grill - One Series