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40" Wood Burning Fire Pit

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A Perfect Addition to any Patio or Backyard!

The Aesthetic Appeal of the Wood Burning Fire Pit

Step into a world where functionality meets artistry with the Wood Burning Fire Pit. This exquisite fire pit, resembling a fine art piece, is a perfect addition to any patio or backyard setting, adding elegance and warmth to your outdoor gatherings.

Exceptional Durability of Corten Steel in Our Fire Pits

Crafted from a single piece of corten steel, also known as "weathering" steel, this Fire Pit is built to withstand the elements. This robust material is designed to develop a stunning, natural patina over time, ensuring that your fire pit remains a timeless centerpiece in your outdoor space for years to come. Corten Steel is Eco-friendly because it could be reused and recycled.

Versatile Fuel Options: Wood and Charcoal

Whether you prefer the crackling of wood or the convenience of charcoal, this Fire Pit caters to all your preferences. Its design accommodates both fuel types, offering flexibility in how you enjoy your fire pit experience.  It can also easily be converted to gas.

Hassle-Free Maintenance Fire Pit

This Fire Pit is virtually maintenance-free. Its seamless spun bowl, free of welds and seams, along with the corten steel construction, means it can be left outside year-round, gradually developing a beautiful, maintenance-free patina.

Proudly Designed and Made in the USA

Embrace the quality of American craftsmanship. Designed and manufactured in the USA using U.S. steel, this fire pit is a testament to superior craftsmanship and sustainable practices.

Fire Pit Specifications

This Fire Pit boasts impressive diameter of 40" and weighs 70 lbs. Its substantial size is emphasized when compared to a 5 foot 10 male, illustrating its commanding presence.  This version is without a base and intended as a build-in.

Enhance Your Fire Pit Experience with Additional Accessories

Explore a range of accessories to complement your Fire Pit. From cooktops to grill grates, each is designed to enhance your outdoor cooking and entertaining experience. Note that these accessories are available separately.

40" Wood Burning Fire Pit40" Wood Burning Fire Pit40" Wood Burning Fire Pit